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Will your pest prevention and treatment harm my family, pets or customers?

Not at all.

We know those pests are clever, but thankfully today we are clever enough to outsmart them without using dangerous chemicals. You can be confident that your family, your pets and your customers will be safe both during and after our pest management work.

Do you offer a Price Match Guarantee? 

Yes we do.

We are committed to offering competitive rates. If you receive a genuine, written quote from another company that is lower than the lowest available comparable rate provided by Clever Pest Control, for the same services at a comparable time, we will match that price and give you a discount off your next service. The product or service quoted must be legitimate and identical (eg, same brand, same model, same quantity). Ask us for further details.

If your pest treatments are environmentally friendly, are they still effective?


Rather than resort to harmful chemicals, at Clever Pest Control we rely on our knowledge of pests and the impact they have to correctly identify and treat infestations and problems. This way we can be confident that we are both treating the environment with respect AND dealing with the pest issue.

How much do you charge for handyman work?

Price varies depending on work to be carried out. An hourly rate is the usual method, but a fixed rate for the smaller jobs can apply. You may be pleasantly surprised with our rate and will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give a customised quote.

How do you accept payment?

We carry a portable eftpos machine and payment can be made with visa, mastercard, eftpos card or cash. 

Which pests are most prevalent in Sydney?

Our most common call-outs are to deal with spiders and cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bees, beetles and bedbugs. However, throughout the greater Sydney area and the Central Coast, it is common to find termite problems, birds, rats and mice, and possums.

When should I seek professional pest advice?

It is best to deal with a pest problem as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more entrenched the problem can become. To help you as promptly as possible, we can provide quotes over the phone based on your description of the problem and, if necessary, photographs of the pest or evidence if it is present.

What happens if the pest problem recurs after your treatments?

We provide a six-month guarantee of pest eradication work we do on private homes, and a three-month guarantee for work done on commercial premises. Details of our guarantees will be provided along with our quotes.

Are your technicians qualified to carry out electrical and plumbing work?

Unfortunately we are not licensed and unable to work with electricity or plumbing. But rest assured, we work closely with qualified electricians and plumbers who can assist you. 

What can I do to prevent pest problems in the future?

Prevention techniques are as varied as the pests themselves. Clever Pest Control does periodic inspections on both homes and commercial premises to identify and treat potential problems before they arise. In addition, as part of a treatment program, your Clever Pest Control technician will advise you on pest-specific deterrent strategies, such as bird spikes, mesh and other systems.

Are you insured if something happens to you or your staff or my property while you are conducting pest treatments and handyman services?

Yes we are.

Clever Pest Control is 100% licensed and insured to carry out all types of pest control services and building maintenance. 


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