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My name is Alex Roubin and I am the director/owner of Clever Pest Control. I have built my business upon the principles of quality, reliability, professionalism and approachability. I would like to change the way pest control is carried out by providing affordable prices, amazing results, guarantees and more importantly, a pleasant experience.

Pest control is an easy industry and in the scheme of things, not difficult. In saying that, professionalism, trustworthy, social and friendly character are not always guaranteed with pest control technicians. As the owner of the company, I pride myself to exceed customer’s expectations and strive to go above and beyond to make the experience pleasant, fresh and happy.

Nobody wants to be taken for a ride and charged an arm and leg for a fairly simple treatment. I feel the first step is identifying the problem and giving you a clever solution. Whether it be cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, wasps, bees and the more specialized fields that require more attention and patience… Bedbugs, termites, birds and possums. I believe in affordable prices, quality work, guarantee and a pleasant experience.There are too many cowboys in the industry now and what matters most to them is money, get in get out and charge top dollar. It is hard to know what chemicals technicians are using and if they are applied properly. I believe that informing clients of which chemicals are used, where they are being applied and the safety level of toxicity is safe for the family, clients and pets. I believe in taking the time in knowing where the pests are and treating accordingly. No need for unloading 100 liters of chemical on the property, if the area you are spraying is not relevant to what your treating. It is not how much you apply, but where you apply. Knowing the habitats and breeding cycles of insects means, less chemical with great results.


To get in touch with me directly, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wherever possible we use environmentally considerate pest treatment products so you can be confident that your family, pets and customers will not be affected by pest eradication and preventative treatments. Australian government regulation strictly controls the use of chemicals in the pest control industry. We believe this is good policy: the best professionals in the industry know how to identify, treat and prevent pest problems with the lowest possible doses of chemical and with the minimum of interruption to business and family life. 

We will partner with you to be sure you understand potential pest issues in your area, and know how to identify small problems before they become big ones. Take our advice on prevention, and you’ll hopefully never have to call us … but be confident that when you do, it will be a stress-free and effective experience.


  • License No: 5073528 
  • Termite No: 5957 
  • AEPMA No: 131635
  • Insurance No: 13 101 39
  • ABN No: 19 165 441 109


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